Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas y'all~

This would be the first Christmas we've spent apart in all the almost-five years we've been together. It's been a tough December but what I've enjoyed most about the whole Christmas Season is the decorations, the merriment, catching up with friends and family and most of all, the feeling of Hope - that there will be Grace enough to keep on going and there will be a new year filled with renewed hope, new dreams and the same awesome God to see us through.

Here's Wishing all of you a blessed Christmas and an incredible New Year ahead of you. :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Men of Honour

Chester, WeeLiem, Jason and Mel.

Jason has some of the nicest and coolest friends ever. And I'm glad that our worlds collided and our circle of friends has multiplied, intertwined and our lives have been enriched by the giggly girls and goofy guys we share it with.

Now these two - Chester and WeeLiem - are pretty special to us and they've been Jason's friends since forever! Well you lucky folks will get to see them lookin' all spiffy in their suites this coming April!

We're like less than four months away! Yikes!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Bridal Party: Part 1

We're very blessed to have friends who have been with us through thick and thin and who were willing to take up the challenging role of Maid of Honour/Bridesmaid and Best Men.

Audrey @ Audz

Audrey was my junior in MMU and then housemate for a few years before we had to part ways and grow up. It was a REALLY sad and tearful parting. :( Audrey will be getting married in January to a really really good and funny man. (Yeay!) Audrey always manages to cheer me up and she gives the best squeezes and hugs.

Jessica @ Jazz

Jazz is my little sister who turns 21 this December! Jazz pretends the hall is her very own fashion runway and parades in different outfits everyday. I'm grateful that when my closet seems dull, there's always my little sisters closet to shop from! :D Jazz is the sweetest person ever and I love that she is fun and quirky and has such a big big heart.  

Next up: Men of Honour

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

snazzy shufflin shoes!

The question of wedding shoes gets every bride flusterd and antsy as the day of the nuptials draw close. Are they comfortable? Can I stand in them for 3 hours straight? Can I walk down the aisle in them and not fall flat on my face? Will I be taller than the Groom in these heels? Should I bite my shoes before they bite me? (Haha I know of people who do this!)

Dreamy Sparkly Heels

That's a load of questions and worry! I know of Grooms who have worried about shoes too. And I know at least two who have opted for "Giraffe" heels to appear slightly taller than their lanky bride. That's just good thinking I say.

Now what make the puurrfect shoe? They're usually the one that would make you gush and get all fluttery and make you talk to them like they were some anthropomorphic object. Yes I would probably sing about throwing on my Louboutins or about stompin in my Air Force Ones.

Whoa! Pimped Studded Louboutins for men. 

On a side note, it's a wonder that there's soooo many songs written about shoes! My favourite's probably "Diamonds on the soles of her Shoes". It's got a really groovy bass line and get this, Paul Simon performed it with Ladysmith Black Mambazo! Awesomesauce! (one for The Playlist for sho!)

Now back to The Shoes, I think I might already have MY shoes. But I don't know if they're 'safe'. You see, I have one fear of falling flat on my face and dragging Jason down with me. It's not a nonsensical fear. It might happen ok! I'm quite the klutz. :|

So I figured YouTube would have some horror videos right? But there aren't?!! Well there's tons of 'Groom drops bride' type videos and 'Best Man trips and pushes bride into pool' and a LOT of drunken falling down videos, and 'Girls fall trying to catch bouquet' and there's even a "Bride chased by EVIL swan" video!!!! (OMG HILARIOUS!)

Now that I'm thinking bout all the other horrible/funny stuff that might happen, I'm gonna just tuck the tripping bride scenario way way back and if anything happens, I'll be sure to click my heels together and say "There's no place like home".

"There's no place like home."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Venue

The dreamy barnyard wedding that isn't an option 
in this darn Malaysian weather.

Choosing a venue for the wedding was probably the first thing we had to tick off our list. Presented with soooooo many options in Melaka, I was a little frazzled at having to weigh the pros and cons of each venue we visited.

Our friends made suggestions and introduced us to banquet reps and we went on our rounds, meeting people and checking out venues. Some days, we hardly had time to set up appointments, so we tresspassed other events and peeped through deviders to gauge the capacity of each venue and to check out what the setup would look like. Jason even walked right into a packed hall where an MLM type conference was going on and began pointing out the lights and decor to me. Like a BAUUS!

But we were stealth. Like ninjas.

At some venues, we gawked at magnificent looking chandeliers, commented on the lighting and stage set up, and eyed the wait staff - checking out their proficiency. Soon, all the options began to look sorta the same and I was down to commenting about the two totally different carpet patterns with loud contrasting colours and noticing how there were too many pink linen and napkins in the world.

We kept going back to one particular place and I guess we loved it from the very beginning but just kept it on hold. It's a pretty new venue so they haven't done a lot of weddings yet and they're still ironing out a lot of kinks. But we thought we'd take a chance anyway.

The Venue: Philea Resort

Apparently, Philea Resort is the first and largest log resort chronicled in the Malaysia Book of Records. It has rustic log cabins and the whole place just smells like pine wood. It is an Eco resort and its architecture includes pieces of disused railway sleepers and recycled materials from shipwrecks are used as furniture.

When we were there meeting with the coordinator, we heard that Shah Rukh Khan was staying there too! The dude's got some burly, surly looking bodyguards man. sheesh.

Shah Rukh Khan and his body-guards

So anyhooo, we decided on the venue and we love that it's kinda secluded and wild and rustic. So guys, Philea Resort is the place to be on April 14th! It's RIGHT AFTER the Ayer Keroh toll, if you're coming from KL and there's a HUGE black signboard so you won't miss it. (hopefully)

Location Map  

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jason and I have pretty varied taste when it comes to music. We do appreciate some good bands like Switchfoot and Foo Fighters together and I think we've been able to introduce each other to some pretty neat bands and genres of music. He might not love the indie bands I do, and he might laugh whenever Lykke Li starts playing and I might not understand his interest in Alter Bridge but I have finally found at least one dance music that we both love.

Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger is freakin' genius! What got me hooked was the music video and this is definitely one for The Playlist. Who knows... we might get Jason to show off his Jagger moves. :D

Thursday, September 22, 2011


One of the dishes I really look forward to at weddings is the soup. The soup generally comes out after the appetizers (another favourite) whether at a 3-4 course western menu or the Chinese 8-course menu.

Now I know most Chinese dinners serve sharks fin soup as it apparently signifies wealth, but lately there have been more environmentally conscious people around who opt for more earth friendly options.

You know the saying, "When the buying stops, the killing will too". I wonder if the demand has decreased lately? Well check out this PSA called "Save Our Sharks from a bowl of Soup"

Now my absolute favourite soup would be the pumpkin soup served in a cute little pumpkin. But those things are hard to come by! hmmph.

In an effort to be more environmental friendly and live a greener lifestyle, we will need to decide on if we're having a Szechuan style soup or something with Chinese herbs. I think we're gonna have to do a rock, paper, scissors routine to figure this one out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hellooo Munchkins! We have arrived in September. That's approximately seven months to D-Day. *gulp*

It's somewhat seems easier when you're helping other people plan their wedding though. My mom's favourite sentence lately has been, "why you so kepo planning every other wedding except your own!"

Owh relax mom, my MOH has four months to plan her wedding and she's as cool as a cucumber! (srsly! Respect!)

Well one of the first things we had to cross off our to-do list was the theme/colours. I'd tell you what's on that list but you might re-think our friendship after hearing the zany ideas. @_0

What comes to mind when you hear "Rock Geek & Pop Art Chic"? My sister was sooo unsupportive of that one. I still think it would have been cool tho. pfft.

Now I know a lot of you think I love pink because of the pink wallet and iPad casing and pink tops and various other pink paraphernalia in my room, but nahh not really. My favourite colour is actually RED. And not just any red, but more of an Alizarin Crimson or Vanetian Red. Ok those look sorta alike but whatever. And I think Jason looks good in red.

And then we obviously love black cause it's slimming(?) and it would definitely ruffle a few feathers! But we figured if we can't go black (tee hee) we'd try almost black and so we stumbled across Charcoal!

So Charcoal and Red became a base to build on. And of course there's white cause it's a wedding. Duh!

Honestly we want our guests (that's you guys) to come in whatever you feel comfortable in, but if you feel up to following a theme, check this out:

Owh but if you want to wear fuschia hooker heels and a gold 80's jacket, I'm cool with that too! And I promise to wear a fake mustache and take a picture with you. :D

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

His side of the story...

14th February 2011

“So this was it….”, as I picked up the calendar beside me.

Within that short period of time, I forced, pressed myself to transform from someone who knew fairly nothing about diamond rings to a self proclaimed geologist of sorts, scourging the ends of the internet realm for all matters relating to that reclusive stone they call, “a Woman’s best friend”.

Devising a cover of secrecy, I begin the plan by nonchalantly asking about the various jewelry organizations available and whereabouts, tenaciously denying any interest in actually buying anything.

But little did they know… I wrote it all down…

Armed with my new found passion on geology, I proceeded to test the trade. Stone after stone, rock after rock was brought before me.

Finally, I set my eyes for the first time on the shine and luster of the so called, "Perfect Cut" …named due to it being symmetrically perfect that that it glittered on its own even without being under direct light. Minimalistic and intensely beautiful. A stone which carried worth, worthy of the occasion that stood before me.

After days of deliberation, the first step of the plunge was taken…with the swipe of my VISA. :)

As the date approached, the plan slowly assembled together like a jigsaw puzzle in my mind…
With Melisa down for the long weekend, the ring was stored away neatly…out of her womanly intuition.

We went on dates during that weekend, with trips to the park (where we got lost and Melisa had to walk more than she would have liked…haha), a riverside dinner and trips to odd shops. At the back of my mind, the finalized plan was still taking shape.

Agreeing on a candle light dinner on the balcony of my home, Melisa kept asking why we needed to dress up. I insisted, claiming that it would go well with the mood…after all, wasn’t it Valentine’s Day.

The table was set, candles lit, music radiating from the laptop in the background. It was a lovely evening with a nice breeze…the sun long gone, transforming the sky to a starry plain…candles flickering and dancing between the cutlery.

We talked, reminisced on how we met and the journey thus far…

Then I don’t normally do this, but I asked Melisa for a dance.
She laughed at first but obliged…to proof what a stiff walking plank of wood I was…haha.
After we sat down again, I glanced at my watch.

The time draws near...

She gave me my Valentine present which was a box containing a DVD of a movie we went on our first date, a notebook with a love letter inside and some other cute stuff.

As I looked at her, this was it.

I gave her the jewelry box with a little nonsensical note inside. (our own private joke)
As we were laughing about it, I turned dead serious with the world suddenly gone silent and my heart stopped for a moment.

I walked over to where she was sitting, took out the ring in my pocket and got down on one knee.

As she wrote earlier, she made me ask again which I did.
I won’t tell you what I said…it was intensely private.
With a hug and a resounding “YES”… with disbelief giving way to reality...


Ah…now I felt like a man, as I sat opposite my FiancĂ©.

I must admit, i felt a bit smug pulling it off without her guessing... hehe.

We savored the moment, just the two of us with the world around us blissfully silent with the gentle breeze still persisting.

Music still playing in the background as we smiled, knowing that the morning will usher in our new found status as being betrothed to each another...

(taken moments after i proposed)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Dress

Gypsy Bride and her bridesmaids.
This picture made me laugh so hard that I couldn't breathe.
Two days later, I still can't stop.
Wedding dresses have traditionally been based on the popular styles of the day. For example, in the 1920s, wedding dresses were typically short in the front with a longer train in the back and were worn with cloche-style wedding veils. This tendency to follow current fashions continued until the late 1940s, when it became popular to revert to long, full-skirted designs reminiscent of the Victorian era. - Wikipedia - Wedding Dress
Did you know that the first recorded white wedding gown was worn in 1559 by Mary, Queen of Scots because it was her favourite colour. White apparently wasn't a popular choice for weddings as it was the colour of mourning.

But in 1840, Queen Victoria made the white wedding ever so popular when she she wore a white laced dress for her wedding. So that's where the traditional white wedding originates from, although prior to the Victorian era, a bride was married in any colour; yes even black. And no, white does not in fact symbolize virginity.

Now having read up about why brides wear white, I embarked upon my dress hunt with a better understanding other than "It's tradition!" which I felt was a half-assed explanation.

Thankfully, White is an especially favourite colour of mine so I'll not go against the grain on this pretty cool tradition. :D

While looking for "The Dress" I came across this hilarious series from the UK called 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.' Guys, you absolutely HAVE to watch this. It will make you soooo thankful that none of us/our friends are anything like the Gypsy and Traveller Brides. But it'll really be funny if you knew anyone like that.

Monday, August 22, 2011

get up offa that thing

but of course... JB. James Brown ok not Justin Bieber!! (sorry Joash!) Awesome song to release the pressure and de-stress.

Dance Trailer from Chris Poole on Vimeo.

Full song here. Six minutes yo! :D

Friday, August 19, 2011

Single Ladies

This is my absolute favourite cover of "Single Ladies". I mean, I LOVE Beyonce and that song but sometimes the original version just leaves me all high strung like I've been doing the Jive all day. @_0

Well this version definitely makes The Playlist.

Thursday, August 18, 2011


"Of all the actions of a man's life,
his marriage does least concern other people;
yet of all the actions of our life,
'tis the most meddled with by other people."
- John Selden, 1689

I came accross this quote while reading 'Committed' by Elizabeth Gilbert. Yes the same Liz who wrote 'Eat, Pray, Love' - a book that lost me right after she left Italy. 'Eat, Pray, Love' was quite a chore to digest but I decided to give the author another chance and bought 'Committed'. This time round, her book left me with much to think about as I contemplated my trip down the aisle.
It was highly entertaining and I think Liz really did do her research and dig up anything she could to get down to the nitty-gritty details of marriage and what it means. Questions from 'Why do brides wear white at weddings?' to 'How much of yourself do you retain in a marriage (paraphrased)?' are explained objectively by this modern woman writer and it was surprising that she addressed a lot of the same worrying questions in my mind.

Overall a good read, and definitely a book I'd recommend to guys as well if you want to try and understand what a modern woman in this day and age think about when they talk about marriage. Yes that white picket fence life isn't always what one thinks about.

Well back to that quote by John Selden, we've been slowly finding out that quote rings true in this day and age. What proceeds the engagement is a myriad of emotions and excitement shared between you and your fiance as you plan the wedding and prepare for marriage and all that euphoria is easily popped or beaten down and kicked about when shared with the people around you.

Our first advice would be to have your own plans and set of ideals which you share. Every couple and marriage is unique so know yourselves and what you want and how you want to lead your life and how you'd like your wedding to be. Handle everyone and everything else with an aloof stance (that's how we keep sane!!). There will always be people who comment on every single aspect of your life. Take everything with a pinch of salt. Take in the good and trash the bad. But above all, enjoy your moment, enjoy the planning and enjoy each other!

I must say, with eight months to go to D-Day, we've been having a blast!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Dior Oui Ring

So when did all the magic happen? happened on February 14th 2011, on a moonlit Monday Night in Melaka. Having never celebrated Valentines before, I big deal. We'd just chill and hang out, maybe catch a movie. (NOTE: I've never celebrated Valentines before as I've never been attached over Valentines and with Jason being in a different state and Valentines never being on a weekend for the past 4 years, it just never happened!)

SO on Feb 14, 2011 we were just hanging out in Melaka. We spent the day watching TV shows and visiting odd shops around Melaka. And then I think I suggested we have pizza cause we LOVE pizza and Pizza was sorta Valentines-like wasn't it?

The neighbourhood kids were playing with fireworks cause it was still Chinese New Year, so the evening was punctured with bright bursts of light and crackles from the fireworks which was a pretty cool addition to the evening.

Over an outdoor dinner and good music accompanied with good conversation and lots of laughter, Jason got down on one knee and bashfully popped the question! Just to be sure I'd heard him right, I made him repeat the question and replied with a, "YES! Of course!"

Cue fireworks and hugs and exclamations of "Wow! I didn't see this coming!". It was pretty magical. To me anyways. :D

It's five months since we got engaged and the journey has been pretty awesome so far. Save for all the decisions we've had to make in deciding venues and dates and dresses and colours and all that jazz! Stress!

But we're sorta half way there and we're enjoying the planning stage and all the hustling and we promise to keep you posted every step of the way so do check back here for updates ok!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Gettin' Hitched 1.0

Getting hitched is a HUGE deal. It doesn't just deserve it's own blog post, it deserves a whole new blog! Being avid blog readers and bloggers ourselves, we've decided to document this milestone in our lives and hopefully we'll get to look back on this some day and exclaim, "Boy was I prettier then." :D