Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Dior Oui Ring

So when did all the magic happen? happened on February 14th 2011, on a moonlit Monday Night in Melaka. Having never celebrated Valentines before, I big deal. We'd just chill and hang out, maybe catch a movie. (NOTE: I've never celebrated Valentines before as I've never been attached over Valentines and with Jason being in a different state and Valentines never being on a weekend for the past 4 years, it just never happened!)

SO on Feb 14, 2011 we were just hanging out in Melaka. We spent the day watching TV shows and visiting odd shops around Melaka. And then I think I suggested we have pizza cause we LOVE pizza and Pizza was sorta Valentines-like wasn't it?

The neighbourhood kids were playing with fireworks cause it was still Chinese New Year, so the evening was punctured with bright bursts of light and crackles from the fireworks which was a pretty cool addition to the evening.

Over an outdoor dinner and good music accompanied with good conversation and lots of laughter, Jason got down on one knee and bashfully popped the question! Just to be sure I'd heard him right, I made him repeat the question and replied with a, "YES! Of course!"

Cue fireworks and hugs and exclamations of "Wow! I didn't see this coming!". It was pretty magical. To me anyways. :D

It's five months since we got engaged and the journey has been pretty awesome so far. Save for all the decisions we've had to make in deciding venues and dates and dresses and colours and all that jazz! Stress!

But we're sorta half way there and we're enjoying the planning stage and all the hustling and we promise to keep you posted every step of the way so do check back here for updates ok!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Gettin' Hitched 1.0

Getting hitched is a HUGE deal. It doesn't just deserve it's own blog post, it deserves a whole new blog! Being avid blog readers and bloggers ourselves, we've decided to document this milestone in our lives and hopefully we'll get to look back on this some day and exclaim, "Boy was I prettier then." :D