Thursday, September 22, 2011


One of the dishes I really look forward to at weddings is the soup. The soup generally comes out after the appetizers (another favourite) whether at a 3-4 course western menu or the Chinese 8-course menu.

Now I know most Chinese dinners serve sharks fin soup as it apparently signifies wealth, but lately there have been more environmentally conscious people around who opt for more earth friendly options.

You know the saying, "When the buying stops, the killing will too". I wonder if the demand has decreased lately? Well check out this PSA called "Save Our Sharks from a bowl of Soup"

Now my absolute favourite soup would be the pumpkin soup served in a cute little pumpkin. But those things are hard to come by! hmmph.

In an effort to be more environmental friendly and live a greener lifestyle, we will need to decide on if we're having a Szechuan style soup or something with Chinese herbs. I think we're gonna have to do a rock, paper, scissors routine to figure this one out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hellooo Munchkins! We have arrived in September. That's approximately seven months to D-Day. *gulp*

It's somewhat seems easier when you're helping other people plan their wedding though. My mom's favourite sentence lately has been, "why you so kepo planning every other wedding except your own!"

Owh relax mom, my MOH has four months to plan her wedding and she's as cool as a cucumber! (srsly! Respect!)

Well one of the first things we had to cross off our to-do list was the theme/colours. I'd tell you what's on that list but you might re-think our friendship after hearing the zany ideas. @_0

What comes to mind when you hear "Rock Geek & Pop Art Chic"? My sister was sooo unsupportive of that one. I still think it would have been cool tho. pfft.

Now I know a lot of you think I love pink because of the pink wallet and iPad casing and pink tops and various other pink paraphernalia in my room, but nahh not really. My favourite colour is actually RED. And not just any red, but more of an Alizarin Crimson or Vanetian Red. Ok those look sorta alike but whatever. And I think Jason looks good in red.

And then we obviously love black cause it's slimming(?) and it would definitely ruffle a few feathers! But we figured if we can't go black (tee hee) we'd try almost black and so we stumbled across Charcoal!

So Charcoal and Red became a base to build on. And of course there's white cause it's a wedding. Duh!

Honestly we want our guests (that's you guys) to come in whatever you feel comfortable in, but if you feel up to following a theme, check this out:

Owh but if you want to wear fuschia hooker heels and a gold 80's jacket, I'm cool with that too! And I promise to wear a fake mustache and take a picture with you. :D