Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Bridal Party: Part 1

We're very blessed to have friends who have been with us through thick and thin and who were willing to take up the challenging role of Maid of Honour/Bridesmaid and Best Men.

Audrey @ Audz

Audrey was my junior in MMU and then housemate for a few years before we had to part ways and grow up. It was a REALLY sad and tearful parting. :( Audrey will be getting married in January to a really really good and funny man. (Yeay!) Audrey always manages to cheer me up and she gives the best squeezes and hugs.

Jessica @ Jazz

Jazz is my little sister who turns 21 this December! Jazz pretends the hall is her very own fashion runway and parades in different outfits everyday. I'm grateful that when my closet seems dull, there's always my little sisters closet to shop from! :D Jazz is the sweetest person ever and I love that she is fun and quirky and has such a big big heart.  

Next up: Men of Honour

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

snazzy shufflin shoes!

The question of wedding shoes gets every bride flusterd and antsy as the day of the nuptials draw close. Are they comfortable? Can I stand in them for 3 hours straight? Can I walk down the aisle in them and not fall flat on my face? Will I be taller than the Groom in these heels? Should I bite my shoes before they bite me? (Haha I know of people who do this!)

Dreamy Sparkly Heels

That's a load of questions and worry! I know of Grooms who have worried about shoes too. And I know at least two who have opted for "Giraffe" heels to appear slightly taller than their lanky bride. That's just good thinking I say.

Now what make the puurrfect shoe? They're usually the one that would make you gush and get all fluttery and make you talk to them like they were some anthropomorphic object. Yes I would probably sing about throwing on my Louboutins or about stompin in my Air Force Ones.

Whoa! Pimped Studded Louboutins for men. 

On a side note, it's a wonder that there's soooo many songs written about shoes! My favourite's probably "Diamonds on the soles of her Shoes". It's got a really groovy bass line and get this, Paul Simon performed it with Ladysmith Black Mambazo! Awesomesauce! (one for The Playlist for sho!)

Now back to The Shoes, I think I might already have MY shoes. But I don't know if they're 'safe'. You see, I have one fear of falling flat on my face and dragging Jason down with me. It's not a nonsensical fear. It might happen ok! I'm quite the klutz. :|

So I figured YouTube would have some horror videos right? But there aren't?!! Well there's tons of 'Groom drops bride' type videos and 'Best Man trips and pushes bride into pool' and a LOT of drunken falling down videos, and 'Girls fall trying to catch bouquet' and there's even a "Bride chased by EVIL swan" video!!!! (OMG HILARIOUS!)

Now that I'm thinking bout all the other horrible/funny stuff that might happen, I'm gonna just tuck the tripping bride scenario way way back and if anything happens, I'll be sure to click my heels together and say "There's no place like home".

"There's no place like home."

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Venue

The dreamy barnyard wedding that isn't an option 
in this darn Malaysian weather.

Choosing a venue for the wedding was probably the first thing we had to tick off our list. Presented with soooooo many options in Melaka, I was a little frazzled at having to weigh the pros and cons of each venue we visited.

Our friends made suggestions and introduced us to banquet reps and we went on our rounds, meeting people and checking out venues. Some days, we hardly had time to set up appointments, so we tresspassed other events and peeped through deviders to gauge the capacity of each venue and to check out what the setup would look like. Jason even walked right into a packed hall where an MLM type conference was going on and began pointing out the lights and decor to me. Like a BAUUS!

But we were stealth. Like ninjas.

At some venues, we gawked at magnificent looking chandeliers, commented on the lighting and stage set up, and eyed the wait staff - checking out their proficiency. Soon, all the options began to look sorta the same and I was down to commenting about the two totally different carpet patterns with loud contrasting colours and noticing how there were too many pink linen and napkins in the world.

We kept going back to one particular place and I guess we loved it from the very beginning but just kept it on hold. It's a pretty new venue so they haven't done a lot of weddings yet and they're still ironing out a lot of kinks. But we thought we'd take a chance anyway.

The Venue: Philea Resort

Apparently, Philea Resort is the first and largest log resort chronicled in the Malaysia Book of Records. It has rustic log cabins and the whole place just smells like pine wood. It is an Eco resort and its architecture includes pieces of disused railway sleepers and recycled materials from shipwrecks are used as furniture.

When we were there meeting with the coordinator, we heard that Shah Rukh Khan was staying there too! The dude's got some burly, surly looking bodyguards man. sheesh.

Shah Rukh Khan and his body-guards

So anyhooo, we decided on the venue and we love that it's kinda secluded and wild and rustic. So guys, Philea Resort is the place to be on April 14th! It's RIGHT AFTER the Ayer Keroh toll, if you're coming from KL and there's a HUGE black signboard so you won't miss it. (hopefully)

Location Map