Monday, July 30, 2012

Jason + Mel 14.04.12

Jason + Mel 14.04.12 from Joshua Chiam on Vimeo.

what comes after...

It's more than three months since we got hitched and we're slowly settling down into a routine and getting our lives sorted a little bit. It's sort of a weird feeling not having to think about flowers and colour and decorations and what song to add to my playlist. I sorta miss that though - the excitement of planning a wedding. Would I do it all over again? heh... probably not. But it was fun while it lasted.

Now, the real work begins and I'm excited about the marriage part of this journey. The best words of wisdom I received before I got married was "Keep the wedding short, and the marriage long, Keep the wedding simple, cause marriage is complicated enough."

I think holding on to that reminder did help and we took this step of faith with absolute surety and a sense of peace knowing God's hand was upon us. That's a fine feeling to have - knowing that The Big Guy approves and we're making sure He's on this journey with us.

I don't really know what's next or what kinda dreams and plans we're supposed to have for the next phase but I know we'll discover that as we move along. Right now as we get to know each other a little better and we dig deeper and let our friendship grow a little more everyday, I think I find new things to love and new things that annoy the daylights outta me!

It's still like discovering fun facts and I thank God everyday for You.