Wednesday, August 29, 2012

jump in my bliss~

As I played AWOLNATION's 'All I Need' on repeat, I couldn't help picturing the scene where Travis and Wes stroll into the evidence locker and are ambushed by the SIS team.

The whole scene plays out in slow-mo all while the hypnotic chorus of 'All I need, all all I need, All I need, all all I need, All I need, all all I need... Is you, smiling, at me, all all I need, All I need, all all I need, All I need, all all I life, love, with you' draws you into the scene.

And at that moment I just knew I had to share this scene with Jason. This epic scene from Common Law that I knew Jason would find exciting just as I had.

I realise that's what our relationship has been like over the past 5 years. I find a cool song and I send it to him hoping to share this little moment of bliss I've captured. Or if I find a well written article I'd email him in hope that he'll read it too and be inspired just as I had been.

More than often my emails go ignored and he never (ok maybe only sometimes) watches the videos I send and I used to get so irked wondering why he didn't want to jump in my bliss for a minute or have that same moment of awe as I had watching a video or listening to a song.

Despite that, I still look for moments in my day to share with him. Whether it's a funny conversation, a good joke or a random scene from work, I seek out the little stories of my day to share with my husband. We're generally quite quiet and it's easy to let conversations drop to a lull as we wrap up our day and just draw into our own quiet worlds where we find our own contentment in just being by ourselves.

Silence doesnt bother us but sometimes it takes a little bit more effort to have an intentional conversation that pushes beyond the "How was work today?" and "what's new with you?" mantra.

But being with Jason is both comfortingly familiar yet astoundingly new so I still feel like there's loads of conversations yet to be had and a million more stories we've yet to share. So being the girl AND the more talkative of the two of us, I yammer on about the day, about what happened and who I met, and what I saw online, and about what's new with our friends, and I drop in childhood stories and embarassing stories and silly stories and just when I feel like I'm talking to myself, he says, "You gagged when eating vegetables? HAHA!" 

So now I have to put up with him at mealtimes when he puts on a lil' skit saying, "EAT YOUR VEGETABLES!" *gag* *gag* and pretends to be 5-year-old Mel gagging at the sight of long beans.

And then I wish i never shared that silly yet traumatising long-beans story with him.