Thursday, September 12, 2013

To the motherland!

Every year, I try and plan a trip where we just disconnect and disappear for a couple of days. Or weeks if we're fortunate. I think it's important to get out of the normal day-to-day grind and just take time to reconnect with yourself or your loved ones. Time is pretty precious and we don't often get to do the things we want and life just races past us without ever heeding our cry to just pause a second.

This year, we decided to head to England where Jason was born. He hasn't been back since he was eight years' old and I've always wanted to go after listening to my moms stories of her holiday there. We decided to go for two weeks and boy was it a glorious two weeks!

Here we are at Trafalgar Square

Visiting Baby George at Buckingham Palace

Inside the Natural History Museum

At Old Trafford, Manchester

The Lake District, Windermere

Goofing off at the Camden markets

                The City at night                                   At St Paul's Cathedral

We obviously took a lot of pictures of the sights but I just wanted to post all these pictures of us together to just remind me that travelling with this dude is pretty awesome. This travel partner/best friend made our trip really memorable. 

Of course he was anal about certain things, he is Jason after all. But we got to laugh about him almost flipping out about our delayed baggage and my fear of random creatures scurrying past us the park. I can't wait for our next adventure but hey, everyday's somewhat an adventure right. :)

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